Ship Packages

Packing & Shipping at the Ojai Business Center. Choose between UPS, Federal Express, DHL, and the USPostal Service.

BoxesYou have a choice of shipping service based on price and time of delivery. UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL will provide guaranteed delivery times with a tracking number and at least $100 of insurance. We also ship internationally

UPS & Fed Ex pick up at 3:50pm. Mail is delivered to the Ojai Post Office at 4pm. Fed Ex also has a pickup on Saturday at 12:00 pm for Next Day (Monday) delivery only.

We will also package your items with a large assortment of boxes including art boxes and shipping tubes, and packaging material such as bubble wrap and peanuts.

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OBCI Self Serve

Welcome to the Ojai Business Center Self Serve Computers. Your first ten minutes are free but if you go over it is 10 cents a minute. If you think you are going to take longer, please grab a timer at the counter.