Ojai Business Center's mailboxes are priced in small, medium, and large sizes. Your UPS and Fed Ex shipments can be received at our store.


Privacy is what you get with your own mailbox address. Your address will be formatted like this:

Mailbox Holder's Name, 226 W Ojai Ave, Ste 101#XXX, Ojai, CA 93023-3278

Choose your mailbox based upon how much mail you receive. Small boxes will hold several business envelopes diagonally, with magazines and flyers in a U shape. Medium boxes allow business envelopes to lay flat with magazines sightly rolled. Large boxes allow magazines to lay flat.

All you need to open a mailbox is 2 forms of ID such as a driver's license and utlity bill. Fill out three forms - a USPS form allow us to pick up your mail, a California form with legal notices, and the mailbox contract between you and Ojai Business Center.

Mail Forwarding is available if you travel for extended periods, or live part-time elsewhere.

We prefer that you live in Ojai or will be moving to Ojai to open a mailbox.

Mail is available after 12 noon. UPS/Fed Ex packages with next day delivery arrive by 12 noon.